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Within 10 days of our initial consultation, we take your ideas and prepare a drawing of your property to show the layout of your swimming pool in its exact location.

Once the best location for you pool is determined, excavation begins. We clear the remaining dirt and debris, leaving your new pool’s location ready for the next phase.

Steel Reinforcement
Using number 4 rebar, we form a grid on all sides of the excavated area to give your pool the support it will need. All sides will be connected together creating a formidable support system.

Our plumbing is designed to use the most efficient equipment for your pool design. We use the most current plumbing equipment to optimize the force necessary for your pool design, leaving you with a purified and sparkling pool.

​We use a high-quality shotcrete mix to endure extreme conditions. Our shotcrete is sprayed using high pressure, which binds tightly around the grid giving your pool the strength it needs to last for years to come.

Tile & Coping
The coping is professionally installed around the outer edge of your new pool. Next, your chosen interior tile is intricately placed inside the pool directly underneath the coping to create a pristine and finished look.

Electrical and Decking
Our licensed electrician will wire the main electrical service to your pool equipment. Once completed, you can choose from an arrangement of deck surface styles for the perfect finish of your pool deck.

The final step in the construction process is the plaster application. The plaster is troweled on with a waterproof finish. You can choose from various plaster finishes, from marble white to quartz scapes. (Ten-year warranty for the quartz and five-year warranty for the marble white).

Pool School Visit
Once we complete the construction of your pool, we will add in chemicals and show you the best way to keep your new pool and pool equipment running efficiently.

It’s time to enjoy your pool with your family and friends. We look forward to hearing about all the new memories, parties, and celebrations. Should any questions arise, know that we are only a phone call away, friends!


We are not a cookie-cutter pool company. We create unique backyard experiences that are suited to your needs and specifications.


Give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss pool and jacuzzi solutions that meet your budget and comfort expectations.